Saturday, March 10, 2012

An amazing video with lesson.


I'm so sorry. My entry this time in English. Just want to strengthen my English conversation. If I made any mistakes, please advise me :) .

Thats right. There's always someone who love you so much :) .

Some people maybe give up when they were tired with their own life. They might be think how to suicide to avoid the frustration continue. While they are needed by someone who are very love them.

Remember, in every sorrow there is joy that awaits :) .

Have you ever heard ?

" Constant as the star above. Always know that you are loved. And my love shining in you. Will help you make your dreams come true. "

So, can u get it ?

Don't you ever give up because there's always someone who always love you :)

One more thing, don't you ever care about whatever other people are saying about you. Just be yourself, and you will be a smart person :) .

p/s : Anyway, video by matluthfi90 always provides many lessons to myself :) .

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