Wednesday, June 13, 2012

About Me And My School ! :D

Hye everybody ! Today,I want to write an entry in English and it's about me and my school ! In this entry,I will tell you about what I always do at the school,why I like to do that,and where I will do that,and others ! My school is Sekolah Menengah Agama Al-Khairiah in Kuala Nerang ... First of all,let's go to my assembly site school ! :D

- This is my assembly site school -

Every time the assembly, students will gather here ... And every time the assembly,I will talk with my friends ... He3 ... I'm naughty but just a little naughty in myself,ok ? :)

Sometimes,I will play with my friend at the assembly site because it's so wide ! I will stand in place of giving a speech and sang to release my stress ... at school, the place will full of students, and will be very quiet in the evening ...

- This is my canteen school -

When I was thirteen,I'm never eat at the canteen because I really don't like to do that ... Then,when I was in form 2,my friend been invited me to eat at the canteen ... She forced me and I follow her ... Then,she adviced me,we have to eat everyday to give us an energy because we're student,and student need an energy to study smartly ... Then,from that day,I eat at the canteen like others friends :)

Sometimes,when my parents come late,I will wait for them at the canteen while read the book ... or play with my friends and brother ... Sometimes,I study at the canteen before examination start ... Canteen like my classroom ... He3 ...

- This is my place to play badminton -

For your information,I like to play badminton ! In addiction,I like to play badminton with my family or my friends to release my stress and to forget about my problems !

Before this,I always play badminton with my friends ... But,lately, I am not able to play badminton as usual because I'm busy with examination ... So.this place is very quiet for now ... Did you know ? This is the way to go into my classroom ! :)

- This is KSG place -

Do you want to know ? KSG mean 'Kembang Semangkuk Geng' ! He3 ... Although the name is ugly,but,the gang have own motive ! The motive are,we were learn about the environment ... we learn about how to protect the environment and love it ... And one more thing,we learn about friendship ! :)

Each member of the gang have to choose a natural element to be used as a nickname ... and they provide the element of wind to me because they were said that my character is like the wind ... KSG have about seven member only ... consists of Farah Hazwani (Wind),Siti Khodiejah (Moon),Naimah (Light),Nuha Ismahani (Star),Fatin Amirah (Lightning),Najib Fahmi (Soil),and lastly,Nabil Imran (Mountain) ...

That's all about me and my school can I write in this entry ... Actually,I want to tell you more about me ! But,in the future because now,I'm busy doing nothing ! He3 ...

Just Smile !


That's me,yeah ... !

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