Friday, June 29, 2012

My Lovely Cat is Perang and Cuty ! :D

Hello ! Before this,I ever said that I want to tell you more about myself,right ? So,in this entry,I would like to tell you about my cat,actually,my lovely cat ! :)

- This is Perang,my first cat -

Actually,this is my first cat in this year,not in my life ... My mother took it at my primary school in November ... My mother felt so pity with it because it have a mother,but it's mother never give it a drop of milk,so,my mother took it and gave it to me ...

When my mother gave it to me,I saw it's face,it's eyes is blue and it's fur is orange ... It's so small like my shoes ! Then,a few day later,I brought it in my bag to my school ... My friends like it because they were said that it's so cute ! That's time,I was not giving it the name ... Then,my friend,Habibah gave it the name Gary ... She called me 'Mummy Gary' because I've consider the cat as my son :D

After that,my mother gave it the name Perang because it's same with it's fur colour ... My family always bring Perang to another country ... It's so smart because it always look out the car mirror ... When it's small,I thought it is a female cat ... But,when it's grow up,I know that it's a male cat ...

- This is Cuty,my third cat -

Actually,I have a cat before Cuty,but it was died cause of sickness ... Cuty looked so sad that time ... It don't want to eat like usually ... I felt so pity and worried ... Two week after that,it act like usually back :)

My father called it Pendek because it's small than Perang ... My auntie call it Merah because it's fur colour seems red and orange ... It's so pampered with me ... It have a smooth fur ... Before this,it's small but now,it was grow up ...

p/s : So,that's all about my lovely cat,my cat is my best friend :)

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