Saturday, June 30, 2012

How I Improve My English Learning ...

Dear my best friend,

When I was thirteen,I'm very weak in English learning ... But,I'm a student who is very like to learn about English ... So,I try to write an essay in English ... My first try is like a mouse try to learn how to catch a cat,haha ! What i try to tell you ? Forget it ! -.-

Then,I always speaking in English to improve my English learning although I know that I can't and never know how to speaking in English ... I'm just used broken English,haha ! But,although I never know about how to speaking in English,I tried and it succeed ! Although just a little bit -.-

One more,before I close my eyes in the night,I will think about a word in English that I never know ... I always think,how I can think about the words that I never know...??? Maybe it's a gift from Allah,Alhamdulillah :)

Everytime I think about a word that I know or never know,although I'm busy,I will open the dictionary and search for it's meaning and it's spelling ... It is fun like a treasure hunt ! :D

Sometimes,I like to send a message or a letter to my friend in English ... Firstly,I felt so shy because I've make a lot of mistake ... But,after that,my English learning get well ...

Lastly,I have a weird hobby ... Other friends would like to read a novel,but I really don't like to do that ... I like to read the dictionary,till I can remember the position of letter in the dictionary ...

That's all I could give you in this entry,so sorry ... I just want to help you to improve your English learning ... Do the best ! I'm sure you can do the best for yourself ! :D

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