Monday, April 16, 2012

They make me like a doll ... :(

I wonder why many people love me ... while I don't have any privileges .. people ever said it was very happy when we're loved ... but, why do I feel very sad when I know that there are people who love me so much ...??

I receive his love ... by the way,he want to leave my love to his best friend .. I felt very disappointed ... if Allah give me the chance to run .. I would choose to run away from all the people that I know ... in fact, it very painful when we're loved ...

they always ignore my feelings ... they make me like a doll ... :(

I'm confused to choose who is my true love ... so, I decided to forget everything ... I want to study hard to escape from all these problems .. I don't want to be hurt again ...I'm so sad ... let me go away ... ~ :(

if they put themselves in my place ... will they be able to survive and be patient like me ...? think for a moment ...

p/s : Allah is my true love ...

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