Thursday, August 30, 2012

Frust Time Trial Examination xD

My trial examination started on 28 August 2012 . It's started with paper Quran Tajwid and Tauhid . I felt so nervous when I get into the hall because I've lost my memory about all of my studied . So,I pray to Allah S.W.T and ask from Him for succes .

Firstly,Alhamdulillah,everything is alright because I can answer the question although I missed two question,I'm so sad ... After one day,my pen ink has dry . So,I felt so stress and felt like I want to kill someone ! Arghhh ! ._.

Then,I forgot again about what has I read in the book . Oh ! Refresh ! When I opened the paper,I saw that the question is different than what I have read . Oh,no ! How could I answer the question with the different answer ? How could they do this to me ? @_@

After the bell is ringing,I felt very happy because I thought that I'm in a holiday and the examination is finished . Then,I get out from the hall while I sing a song . Suddenly,when I check the schedule,I saw that I have to face two weeks of examination ! Two weeks,not two days ! Oh ! I'm faint for a minute ._.

My stress increase when I heard that,my principal will replace my teacher after she's giving birth later . My problem will increase that time . Just imagine !


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