Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ramadhan,don't leave me ! :'(

Yes . Ramadhan is leaving and maybe this is last Ramadhan for us . I'm so sad . Oh,Ramadhan ! I will miss you after this ! :'(

This Ramadhan have left me a lot of memories in my mind . I'll keep all in my mind forever . This Ramadhan is the first time I could do the Tarawikh every night except when I'm in the hospital . Everyday,I cried . Oh,Allah ! Ramadhan is leaving me like I want to lost my love !

This last Ramadhan,I hope I can be a good muslimah . I hope I can life till the next Ramadhan . Lastly,I hope can be the one person that has forgiven by Allah S.W.T like one hadith said :

" From Abu Hurairah Radhiallahuanhu, from The Prophet Muhammad Sollallahualaihiwassalam said: Those who fast Ramadan with faith and repentance, Allah has forgiven all past sins. "

To all my friends,thanks because gave me a lot of greeting cards .

p/s : This year,I will go back to my hometown in Selangor,insya-Allah :)

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