Friday, August 31, 2012

What Can I Do To Release My Tension ?!!

Assalamualaikum :)

This week is a week of my tension because I'm in examination right now . So,I have my own ways to release my tension although just a little bit . Sometimes,I will do a lot of work in different ways and in different times .

Firstly,I will go to the quiet place and stay there quietly . Then,I'll scream loudly . After that,I can feel better . But sometime,I'll scream loudly while I throw a lot of things ! That's why my room sometimes looked scattered . Hihi ^_^

Second,I'll draw about my tension on the paper . I would doddle paper until it's filled with my scribbles . Then,I'll throw the paper away from my view . And took another paper to scrap it again . That's why my paper will disappear everytime I search for it to write a note ! :O

Third,I will cry and tell about my problem to anyone that I believe and love . So,if there anyone that I ever have told about my problem,that's mean I love her/him :)

Lastly,I will read Al-Quran and prayer . It's can make me feel better . Furthermore,I think when I pray to Allah,it can make me easily forget about all of my problem .

Conclusion : Remembering Allah will make us forget everything about the temporal :)

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